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Welcome to the City of Pittsville!


Since its early beginning around 1887, the Pittsville area grew out of the wilderness as it was settled by lumbermen and later farmers. In 1952, Governor Kohler declared Pittsville to be the "Geographical Center of Wisconsin." Still largely a rural community located near and along the Yellow River, the Pittsville area offers all the benefits for a small, quiet community, but is within driving distance to many neighboring communities.

The Pittsville area at a glance...

  • The primary industries in and around Pittsville include crop production, dairying, cranberry production and processing, forestry, trucking, pallet production, steel fabrication, as well as the paper industry;
  • Variety of services available;
  • Friendly, small-town atmosphere;
  • Newly established residential areas;
  • Low cost of living;
  • Quality school system;
  • Located near world-class medical facilities;
  • Abundant recreational opportunities;
  • Healthy lifestyles;
  • Safe and welcoming;
  • Family values;
  • Active and involved;
  • Rich heritage.

Find the answers you need!

Where do we pay our water bills?
At the city clerk's office, mail or night deposit on railing at clerk's office.
Does the City accept credit card payments?
The City doesn't accept credit card payments.
Where do I pay my property taxes?
At the Clerk/Treasurer's Office at the City Hall. Second Half Payments Pay to Wood County.